After a Summer hiatus, the “We are gamers” series is back with a bang! Today’s guest is not only a hardcore (retro) gamer I look up to, but he is also someone who strives to set examples and wants to have an impact on everything he does. Before interviewing him, I enjoyed his videos and admired his gaming skills, now I genuinely like him as a human being, because he thinks DIFFERENT (read to believe)! It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you TheBrownPlayer…

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James and Mark, the Garage Gamers.

Where did you mainly play, back in the day?
In the comfort of your room (lucky you)? In your parents’ loft (like me)? Did you have to sneak out of your room at night down to the basement or were you a garage gamer?

If you belong to the last category, then you will be pleased to know that today’s guests have a lot in common with you, and they are putting all of their 40-year love for gaming into their YouTube channel. The “we are gamers series” stops by Mark’s and James’s garage today, and personally I cannot wait to visit it. Come on guys, open the door…

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Ellis of EllisTheWise

“Wow, she is so cool Dad, she is a rockstar! You have to ask her for an interview!” So spoke Retro James after I showed him one of her Twitch broadcasts. I happily obliged, she happily accepted, and so she is today’s guest, here on our blog, for the “we are gamers” series.

A versatile person, with a flair for engaging gamers at all levels, she can stream for hours and still keep you glued to your screen. Time to get to know her better: come on Ellis, the floor is yours…

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I know retro folks, I have been a bit blog lazy lately (my day job and my YouTube channel are time consuming), but no worries, I am not going to stop interviewing my favorite gamers. The “we are gamers” series is here to stay, lol.

I have a lot in…

Kriss of Spielkind RC

Time for a new episode of the “we are gamers” series! Today’s guest is both a retro gamer and an avid collector, and he has recently repackaged his YouTube channel (screams nostalgia, now). With plenty of anecdotes to share and a vast knowledge of all that is retro, he qualifies to be considered a walking gamepedia, lol. The floor is yours now Chris, it is a pleasure to have you here…

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Brian of Brian’s Man Cave

New month, new episode of the “We are gamers” series. Today’s guest is a retro gamer at heart and a YouTuber I really look up to. I enjoy his videos for a very simple reason: they take me back to my childhood. The guy has passion and is knowledgeable.
Are you ready to get into his man cave? Let’s jump in…

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Michael aka Captain Kringel

The third episode of the “We are gamers” series is finally out, and I am proud to introduce today’s guest: not only is he a true hardcore gamer (and a dedicated YouTuber), but he is also one of the kindest, most supportive guys I have ever met online. So thanks for having me on board, Captain Kringel, let the voyage begin…

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Mark “Gaming Crazy” Bond

Yes, we are gamers retro folks and as such, I love making lists, but you know what? I think I have made enough for the moment. …

A Playstation 2 Slim with 2 controllers and a copy of Football Kingdom

When it comes to thinking about the 5 best PlayStation 2 soccer games ever released, we are talking some pretty tough competition out there. For one, the PS2 library is not only massive, but also it has more than a few quality soccer games.

And when you are a footie fanatic like I am, you feel torn when it comes time to make a list, because you know you are going to have to leave some of your favorite titles out in the rain (figuratively speaking, of course).

Even so, this is probably one of my more requested lists out there and I do not like to disappoint you all. With that said, here are my 5 top picks for today’s list…

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Centipede arcade cabinet

How you control the game is often a much larger component of the overall experience than most of us ever consider. Think about it: How often have you paused a game and thought to yourself, “Those are some great controls!” Probably never, but, if you have, we love you all…


Andrew here! I consider myself a natural-born gamer and am on a mission to keep our gaming memories alive through my retro stories.

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